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Welcome to Hardwood Doctor® We cure, your floors™!

Hardwood Doctor®.  Specializes in hardwood floor refinishing and our 1 day sandless surface refinishing. Hardwood Doctor® can also rescue hardwood floors ruined by over the counter polishes, waxes, combo products such as mop and shines, 3 in 1’s, 4-1’s and oil soaps by removing the damaging residues these products leave behind.

If you need to do something to your floors to make them look healthy again, call the Hardwood Doctor®. For a fraction of the cost of a full refinishing we have several options that can make your hardwood floors look great. However if you are ready for a full hardwood floor refinishing, our experts are the best in the industry, here to help you and stand behind every refinishing with our unconditional guaranty.

Do you have hardwoods under carpet? Would you like to refinish these rooms? We can help. We will be glad to come take a look at your hidden treasures and give you an upfront estimate. What do you have to do? Pull up a corner and let us have a look, it's that easy.

Please keep in mind that the experts at Hardwood Doctor® have a combined 45 years in hardwood installation, hardwood repair, hardwood installation and hardwood refinishing services. All Hardwood Doctor® Technicians are experts in hardwood floor cleaning and polishing, buff and coat, sandless resurfacing, hardwood floor refinishing, hardwood floor installation and hardwood repair.

Our Hardwood Doctor® Floor Recovery System™ is sand-less and completed in one day. We offer you a choice of satin, semi gloss and high gloss finishes. This process is simple, fast and lasts approximately 3-5 years per service, depending on traffic.

We get asked a lot about this condition, polish or over the counter wax or combo product buildup. The Hardwood Doctor® Floor Recovery System™ will remove dirt, product residue and surface scratches from your hardwood floors and replace your worn polyurethane with a new advanced generation protective polyurethane top coating that is clean, uniform and ready for enjoyment. This service is a great way to "recover" your floors in one day and save thousands by not having to refinish and sand your floors to bare wood.

If your floors require a more extensive service or you wish to dramatically change your floors appearance, say change your floors color Hardwood Doctor® provides the Triangle’s most thorough hardwood floor refinishing. Our hardwood floor refinishing includes, sanding your floors down to their original wood, removing all scratches, stains, pet stains, discolorations,UV damage and area rug spots, those faded or dark boxes and circles rugs leave behind.

We then stain your floor, seal your floor, apply (3) coats of high quality satin, semi gloss or high gloss polyurethane and replace your 1/4 round shoe molding. This service takes 2-4 days to complete. This service is the gold standard in our industry.

We are happy to use either oil based stain and polyurethane or water based stain and polyurethane, the choice is yours and the benefits of each will be clearly explained during your estimate. Hardwood Doctor® does not push certain products or brands based on manufactures propaganda.  Hardwood Doctor® uses the right product for each job based on our expertise, experience and factors such as the type of wood, type of use, volume of traffic such as how many kids, pets and even something as simple as, if you are going to enforce the no shoes in the house rule.

Free estimates cheerfully given. Please call Hardwood Doctor at: 919-272-6225

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